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Meet Paul Becque

For almost thirty years Paul has considered his own life to be a living personal development experiment, which has provided him with the opportunity to travel the planet, talk to audiences around the world, work in television for more than a decade, fraternize with the rich and famous to the celebrated and powerful, find his soul mate, have four magnificent children and create a colourful lifestyle that most people only dream of.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Paul certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s endured his fair share of dark days, hair-raising moments and occasions when he’s considered ending it all. However, it’s these painful junctures that fuelled his curiosity and compulsion to understand what life is all about, and why it’s only a handful of people that are apparently able to enjoy complete success and fulfilment in their lives, whilst most of us ricochet from one compromise to another in an effort to find some comfort and at best, moments of happiness.

Despite his French surname, Becque (pronounced Beck), PauI was born in Dover, England. From his early teens, Paul wanted to know what life was all about and on his way home from Sunday School, he would spend time in a local graveyard, laying between the headstones, hoping to speak with someone (or something) from the spiritual world… and conceivably, God. But it never happened. No ghosts, no demons, no angels, no voices and certainly no conversations with God.

Some years later, in his mid teens, Paul tried to connect with the ethereal world again in another graveyard. This time laying beneath his trusted friend, the “Thinking Tree”, a deeply-rooted oak, reaching high into the celestial blue sky. But again, nothing. Nothing other than, a fortuitous occasion to enjoy a profoundly satisfying silence allowing Paul the opportunity to ponder on the deeper meaning of life. And after weeks of contemplation, his conclusion; there must be more to life than I’m being told at home and taught in school.

Mindset Elevation

A few months later, Paul set off on the first of his global adventures and travelled across Europe. In 1986, with an insuppressible fervour for travel, Paul headed to the Caribbean to work aboard cruise ships as a member of the hospitality team. It was here amongst the exotic rainforests and azure blue sea that Paul discovered his first personal development authors, whilst looking for something to read on the beach. This was the information that he’d been looking for!

Paul was soon burning with ambition and developing a mindset which gave him the self-confidence to achieve anything. He loved his work and clearly the passengers enjoyed his enthusiastic personality. After completing a two-year apprenticeship, at just 22, and despite being informed

numerous times that it was impossible, Paul became the youngest Cruise Director in the world earning thousands of pounds each week. It was an unforgettable milestone and this enriching experience changed his perspective on life, forever!

Quantum Leap

After eighteen years of world travel, having found himself at the very top of his field, Paul retired from the world of cruising to enjoy a new arena of challenges in television. A career change at forty was likely to prove difficult, and with several considerable set-backs, Paul decided to deepen his personal development. He devoured books on a daily basis and signed up for numerous seminars and workshops. In 2005, Paul was introduced to Jack Canfield who would later become his mentor. Continuing to believe in his personal vision of himself and pursuing his goals with unwavering passion, Paul made a quantum leap and joined an award winning television channel and began presenting 17 hours of live tv each week.

In 2010, Paul decided to leverage social media by creating a blog sharing his life experimentation and challenged himself to double his income and double his time off within two years. Incredibly, Paul’s dedication to the television channel resulted in significant career advancements, culminating in a Head of Channel management role in 2012. Determined to achieve his two year goals and demonstrate to the world that this stuff works, Paul continued to ask himself powerful questions and evolve his own life.

Build Your Dream

In 2013, Paul created his own company providing him with the opportunity to create multiple streams of income and most importantly, spend more time pursuing his passion for personal development and human potential.

Today, after decades of studing and mentoring with some of the leading personal development coaches on the planet and verifying their ideas, techniques and methods by actually living them, Paul will introduce you to a step-by-step systematic program which provides you with timeless principles for a successful and fulfilled life. The strategies, processes, and exercises you’ll experience at an Engage with Success event, incorporate the very best practices from Paul’s implementation and experimentation with personal development and the mindset required for success.

These proven strategies have already worked for thousands of student’s, and now it’s your turn. It doesn’t matter what your background is, how old you are, what your religion is, or where you come from. These principles will change your life dramatically and provide you with the tools that you need to head in the direction of the life you desire. What if you can do better? What if you can have more? What if you can live a bigger life?

Paul’s own life enjoyed quantum leaps when self-made millionaire, Jack Canfield, took Paul under his wing and taught him many of the strategies and principles he uses and teaches today. Jack helped Paul to further realise his own potential and improve his life dramatically. He’d like to be the same kind of mentor to you, so that you can achieve all your biggest goals, even the ones which may currently seem out of reach.

That's exactly why you should consider participating in an Engage with Success event, so that you can work closely with Paul to manifest your own dreams. Your time is now. Every year, we enjoy hearing wonderful stories about professional successes, personal breakthroughs, improvements in health, relationships, finances and more. What could you do with your future after engaging with success? The short answer is anything you can imagine!

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