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Looking for a Professional Speaker?

Paul Becque has an exciting message of success and fulfilment for any audience, as well as a fun and entertaining keynote speech that can access the tipping point for many individuals, both personally and professionally. The presentations can be tailored to a variety of topics including motivation, leadership, entrepreneurship, life balance, speaker training, sales training and more.

Paul can deliver his innovative, unique and powerful presentation to enthusiastic audiences in an array of small or large environments from schools, colleges and universities, to conferences, networking groups, service clubs and special interest groups, to businesses and cruise ship audiences. Paul knows how to accelerate the personal achievement and life fulfillment of individuals and organisations everywhere, and has created the definitive method to help people create breakthrough results in everything they do.

Not only will your audience be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, they will learn to up-level all their efforts. Paul will provide the tools necessary to meet challenges, adapt to change, shape perspectives and solve problems.

Signposts for Personal Empowerment

Everybody wants success. We all want to be successful and feel successful. Many people only equate material benefits with being successful and consequently, end up spending their lives chasing money, fame, power, accomplishment, education, relationships or one of a thousand other things without ever pausing to ask themselves, “What does success mean to me?” Paul will provide an opportunity for the audience to consider what it truly means to achieve success on their own terms.

Having a personal definition of what success means, and then setting goals toward the achievement of that success, is the only way to make accomplishments truly meaningful. Money can certainly help provide a brief feeling of success, but when you consider how many rich and famous people fail to find happiness, which often ends with devastating consequences, it becomes apparent that money isn’t the only answer. The truth is, success is different for each and everyone of us. If you wish to be successful on a deep, meaningful level, which makes you feel fulfilled and ecstatically happy, whilst enjoying plenty of money, then you’ll love Engage with Success.

During this presentation, Paul will be pulling back the curtain to reveal the essential inner workings of a successful mindset. This engaging, thought-provoking system will leave the audience energized and excited about the material they have just learned. Though the time spent with participants during a keynote speech is brief, Paul is a master at using illustrative examples, humorous anecdotes and proven research results to present the most important highlights in a way that stays with the audience long after the presentation and motivates them to take action.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to see how they could possibly create the life they really want, and finding themselves in this desperate situation, delude themselves into believing that one day, all the pieces of their life will magically come together and stay together. Hope isn’t enough. Wishing won’t help. And praying might make you feel better temporarily, but doesn’t improve results. At the end of their lives, these hopefuls are filled with regret for what could have been.

Perhaps you’re one of the many that have found some success in their life, but have been forced to make sacrifices along the way. A common example is a business owner, or high level manager, who devotes all of their time to growing and running a successful business. But look behind the scenes and you’ll discover that the success came at the cost of health, free time and important relationships.

With theses bedrock success principles in place you will be able to take the right actions at the right time with a strategy that actually works for your life and a plan of action to go with it.

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