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Retreats for Maximising Your Potential

The 3-day weekend luxury retreat is a completely immersive experience, and for this reason, only 20 participants will be able to attend the Transformational Retreat at Barnsdale Hall Hotel & Spa Resort. Are you ready to achieve big things and launch yourself toward a life of greater abundance, joy, meaning, and fulfilment? It’s the biggest leap you can take toward the life that you’ve been dreaming of.

Is there something missing in your life, something which your soul yearns for? Perhaps you’re hoping to re-ignite passion for your business or career, or break through the barriers that have been holding you back from reaching even higher levels of success. Maybe you feel the need to steer your life in a completely new direction, but aren’t sure how to move forward, and feel like you’re not getting the support you need from the people around you. Perhaps you hunger for more freedom, balance, and love in your life, or maybe you’re searching for deeper purpose and meaning. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

Your Road Map for Magnificent Accomplishments

If you have big dreams and far-reaching ambitions, now is the time to start acting upon them and taking your life to a whole new level. You’ll learn how to unlock and unleash the forces inside you, so you can attain unimagined levels of happiness, and make positive, lasting changes. If you’re ready to discover your full potential, dream bigger than ever before, and finally achieve your most important goal, join us for the 3-day Transformational Retreat.

What’s Holding You Back from Success?

Sometimes we just think too much. We often consider all the reasons why we should not attempt the goal, rather than why we should. Fears can show up in the form of feelings, especially as you work towards your goals. Road blocks can creep up on us and external circumstances can change our thoughts and feelings.

You Have the Power to Create the Life You Want

Join Paul on this powerful 3-day luxury retreat that will have game-changing consequences for your entire life. You will be part of an exclusive group of 20 participants who will be personally guided through the process of drilling down into your deepest desires and creating a detailed road map that will lead you to achieve your biggest goals and enjoy a life of boundless joy, prosperity and purpose. Paul has walked the same path and deeply understands where you are, and can help you to overcome common challenges as you launch yourself to a much higher level of performance in your career and personal life. Because of the group’s intimate size, we can help you go deeper and further in manifesting your passion and true purpose in life.

We believe it’s the biggest step you can take toward the life you were meant to live. Launch yourself to a higher level of personal brilliance. Work one-to-one with Paul and get the support you need to create the abundant, joyous, and fulfilling life you deserve. Register today!

You’ll Complete this Transformational Work in a Luxury Hideaway

Often called “Rutland’s best kept secret”, these spectacular surroundings will inspire you to go deeper, dream bigger, and find the motivation you need to make your vision a reality!

Upon arrival you’ll feel energised by the gorgeous vegetation and immaculate gardens. There’s a wonderful fragrance of pines in the open-air walkways and the rolling hills of Hambleton peninsula gracefully border Rutland Water which provides awe-inspiring views. We’re confident Rutland‘s spectacular scenery will awaken a deep appreciation of beauty and possibility in yourself and have you feeling available and ready to receive the insights that are waiting for you. It’s as if you’ve been dropped into a picture postcard, a world away from wherever you’ve just come, and suddenly, you realise just how incredible the next 3 days are going to be.

With Paul’s personal guidance you’ll discover your life purpose, prioritize your goals, and discover the proven steps to achieving anything you want. You’ll get clear on what we really want from life and create an action plan and the support system you need to make it happen, plus you’ll have loads of fun too. The experience and transformations participants have at this event are truly profound. Secure your place today!

What You’ll Achieve During this Three-Day Weekend Luxury Retreat

In just 3 days, we'll cover every single aspect of personal and professional fulfilment in your life. You won't simply be taught these life-changing techniques, you'll experience them during the training and apply them immediately to your life, transforming yourself for ultimate success. You’ll change from the inside out, emerging with a new mindset, new success skills, a different outlook and a clear path of where you’re going, and how to get there.

You’ll learn how to:

An Overview of Your 3-Day Transformational Retreat

Paul will work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and bring them into focus. He understand the changing needs of individuals, the challenges you may be facing, and the responsibilities you have when deciding to participate. Paul's programs always hit home, empowering and producing unbelievable results for the clients. We look forward to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

It’s Not All Work and No Play

In addition to our powerful work and planning sessions, there will also be plenty of opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy yourself. Friday morning, you’ll kick off your adventure with an opportunity of using the pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna, before getting to know the other participants at the first training session and an all-inclusive dinner. We’ll also find time for you to experience the best of what Rutland has to offer!

Barnsdale Hall sits proudly in the heart of Rutland, England’s smallest county, set in 65 acres of parkland overlooking Rutland Water. The country house hotel, a former hunting lodge, offers a wide variety of accommodation, extensive spa and leisure facilities, a restaurant, bar and comprehensive conference services. Sailing, falconry, bird watching, fly fishing, golf, cycling, gardens and historic market towns such as Stamford, Oakham and Uppingham are all close by. With its unique setting in the beautiful picturesque countryside, traditional charm and focus on the highest levels of customer service, Barnsdale Hall Hotel and Spa is the perfect venue for your immersive experience, to discover your highest self and transform your life forever!

Research reveals that environments can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies. What we are seeing, hearing, experiencing at any moment is changing not only our mood, but how our nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working. Nature helps us to connect with the present moment, we pay attention to the here and now. This moment and nothing else. We enjoy the beauty of the natural world and we stop having stressful thoughts, we stop worrying about the events of our lives. We simply enjoy the present moment in nature.

Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water. In early Rome, baths were an important part of cultural life, a place where citizens went to find relaxation and to connect with others in a calming setting. Today, we are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal.

Barnsdale Hall Spa & Resort was specifically chosen because of it’s beautiful surroundings, easy to walk gardens, stunning views of Rutland’s undulating hills and of course, Rutland Water itself. This intimate retreat is designed to give you plenty of time with Paul, and consequently, we keep the group size small - yet large enough to enable the masterminding that is such an essential part of the experience. We’ve found that 20 people is the perfect number of participants to host. Unfortunately, that means there are usually more people who want to go, than there are spaces available.

Paul has dedicated his life to encouraging those who dare to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavour to create the life of their dreams! So if you’re truly serious about living the life you want, providing your personal best in the world, and leaving a positive legacy on this planet, we strongly encourage you to secure your place today!

Unwind and Relax, it’s an Inclusive Deal  

We want this experience to be amazing, and we certainly don’t want you thinking about additional fees or bills. Consequently, we provide an inclusive package, so that you can really focus on the life you desire, immediately feel abundant, put all of your attention on your passions and dreams, surround yourself with nature which can reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.  

Both mornings of the retreat, you’ll wake up in your wonderfully appointed hotel room in one of the most beautiful regions of the UK. After a choice of breakfast (everything from light to full English), you’ll have a little time for some personal reflection in the stunning countryside with breath-taking views. You’ll love digging into your work in the light-filled, open lounge furnished with wifi and comfortable chairs. Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the day and we will stop for lunch.

There’s a spacious dining room with a friendly club house. We look forward to eating some delicious meals with you and continuing our heart-felt conversations there. In the evenings, there’s a pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna where you can relax and re-invigorate yourself after a full day of soul-feeding work. You’ll be surprised by how many participants often experience their biggest “a-ha!” moments when they’re floating around in the pool!

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the price:

We have not included alcoholic beverages because we encourage you to be in a fully focused and mentally sharp state of mind at all times. The 3 days pass very quickly and we don’t want you to miss out on anything. However, if you wish to have a drink with dinner or after you’ve been swimming, of course, you’re welcome to.

If you would like to bring your partner, then we can arrange a special price, however, please consider that this may be a rare occasion for you to really think about yourself, think by yourself and think for yourself. Sometimes it really helps to have a little solitude to really consider, and re-consider, the possibilities that life has to offer. Both evenings, we will encourage you to review the principles we will have covered during the day and you’re likely to have some exercises or planning to complete in your accommodation too.

What is the Cost for the 3-Day All-Inclusive Luxury Retreat?

Working with Paul as a private client for this length of time could cost you a minimum of £3,000 and then of course, you’ll have to pay for the luxury hotel, the use of the facilities, your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and refreshments. Although we could easily charge more for this event, we want to make it possible for everyone who’s serious about dramatically improving their life, to have the opportunity to attend.

Take Advantage of this Fantastic Opportunity

If you’re ready to take action on your biggest dreams, secure your place on this amazing offer now!

Paul will work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and bring them into focus. He understand the changing needs of individuals, the challenges you may be facing, and the responsibilities you have when deciding to participate. Paul's programs always hit home, empowering and producing unbelievable results for the clients. We look forward to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

 Register for the Life Changing Retreat

Have You Said

“Sure I’m a great


but lately I’ve been asking myself,

am I really happy?.” Or, I know who

I’m meant to be, I just don’t have

road map to get there!”

Have You Said

“I am ambitious with

Big Plans

but can never find the time or energy

to make them a reality”. Or, “I know I’m

meant to make a bigger positive

impact on the world, but how?”

Have You Said

“I need the


and support of other high achievers

who will catapult me forward.” Or,

“The spark has gone out of my

career, what else can I do?”



All Day

Day 2

Identify your true purpose and passions

and how to pursue them. Create your

strategy and mastermind your action

plan with a crystal-clear mind.


Until 4.00pm

Day 3

Step into your new reality and become

the person you need to be to achieve

your goals. Avoid barriers and execute

your plans despite challenges.


From 2.00pm

Day 1

Get clear, focused and grounded. Let

go of the things holding you back. Gain

the clarity you need to understand

exactly what you want from life.

Reason 2

The Experience of


Time off may feel like an indulgence

that you can’t afford to take. But with

balance comes creativity, enthusiasm.

optimism and productivity.

Reason 3

To Simply

Have Fun

which is one of the most important

elements of living the ideal life. You’ll

Be able to relax, bond as a group

and know each other far better.

Reason 1

Mind, Body & Soul


You need to create space and quiet to

get in touch with your inner wisdom.

To help release any tension or

stress you might be feeling.

Criteria 2

You must be open


and willing to learn and apply powerful

ideas about building an exciting life,

find the passion needed for making

money and creating success.

Criteria 3

You must be


committed to taking action on the

ideas shared with you - which target

a variety of areas in your life, like

career, finance and relationships.

One Day



Apply the principles to your life, career,

and relationships. Immediately

utilise these powerful principles,

then get ready to change your life.

Half Day



Learn life-changing strategies and

emerge with the confidence that you

now have the ability to attain the

life you envision for yourself.

12 Month

Personal Mentoring


This solution-based accountability

keeps you laser-focused, maintaining

your momentum and accelerating

your journey to total fulfilment.

Rutland Water provides the perfect start and finish to each day of your luxury retreat Register Your Interest Tickets Tickets Register Your Interest Tickets Register Your Interest Register Your Interest Tickets

Who should consider the Transformational Retreat?

Anyone looking for change, improvement, clarity, confidence and a better understanding of what it is you want out of life. Here are some examples:

If you’re serious about wanting to make a big change in your life, whether it’s creating more balance, more free time, better relationships, more money, improved health or anything else… Paul wants to help you! Together, you can craft the vision and life plan that will empower you to live the abundant and joyous life of your dreams. Your life-changing experience in Rutland awaits.

Apply today to be one of the 20 participants or contact us with any questions you may have.

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Criteria 1

You must have a


desire to persevere and to have people

listen, read, follow and embrace your

message or idea. You must want

more from your own life.